Fully Fitted Front Doors

Fully Fitted Front Doors

Is the UK green deal a flop & Who has a green deal?

With the big fanfare for the launch of the Green Deal financing scheme and the fact that people could get ‘no-deposit’ green deal loans for the cost of double glazing you would have thought that the scheme would be swamped very quickly – but it seems not.

Fully Fitted Front DoorsFront Doors – Fully Fitted

  • The latest figures from the green deal are a bit low:
  • Green Deal assessments (September end) 85,177
  • 57 live Green Deal plans (September end)
  • 392 new Green Deal plans (during September)
  • 505 Green Deal plans in the pipeline (post September)

The UK energy secretary was hoping for 10,000 deals by end of 2013, but by the looks of things he’s not going to have anything to be happy about for the new year because if you look at how many assessments there were in September compared to how many people went forward with a green deal, it looks like the general public don’t think it’s a good deal.